An overview of our past & present projects.

Country of Project: Chile

A while ago we shipped a Dewulf RDT952 to Chile. This pre-owned potato harvester is disassembled to fit in one 40ft container. Our costumer grows seedpotatoes and increased his harvesting capacity with this machine. The harvester is now working satisfactorily


Export of new mechanisation for a large vegetable grower in Ghana. In this container we packed a heavy duty ditcher. This machine could make ditches of 100cm deep and 150cm wide! The second machine is an Evers Java deep ripper, to loosen up the soil up to 90cm deep. With a hydaulic auto reset, replacing broken safety bolts is history. To sow beans, corn and soyabeans; a Gaspardo seeder is loaded into the container as well. This pneumatic precision planter is equipped with in-row fertilizer unit and is made for the tougher African conditions.


Country of Project: Senegal

Supporting the development of a large scale agricultural company. Responsible for all kind of tractors and machinery used in potatoes, onions, peanuts, watermelons etc. Implementation of machinery, maintenance and the education of tractor drivers were the headliners.

Country of Project: Morocco

Introduction of new mechanization systems for the cultivation of potatoes, onions and carrots.

Because of the start of an organic farm in Morocco, we came in Morocco for the first time two years ago. There we saw a big opportunity to import new and better machinery. He met several interested costumers. The first container with hoe, plant and soil preparation machinery has left Rotterdam port. Soon several containers, packed with mainly potato, onion, bean, carrot, cabbage machinery, will leave the harbour of Rotterdam to support more Moroccans to optimize their production.
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Country of Project: Burkina Faso

Through our network we came in contact with a Dutch commercial vegetable grower with a daughter company in Burkina Faso.

This company in Burkina is growing beans and salads. We were asked to start up a onion nursery to grow onion plants which they can deliver to several small farmers in the region. With this system a head start on the marked is possible. The first visit to Burkina will be at the beginning of June. At that time he will start the nursery and train the employees. By the end of this year grading and packing machinery will be delivered on site so the company is prepared to deliver their onions all over Western Africa. For more information please e-mail us