Soil Preparation

Amatrex has a complete range of equipment for all circumstances, soil types and presence of stones.

For stubble tillage and wheel track breaking, the Dutch company Evers Agro and Steketee has a wide range of disc harrows, sub-soilers and cultivators. The robust construction of their machines, the easy maintenance and the special shape ensure a perfect crop residue destruction and soil improvement.

If you want to till your soil through ploughing, with the Dutch company Rumptstad, our supplier for fixed ploughs, you are on the right track. Provided with break-bolt security and/or stone protection this plough is suitable for every type of soil. Would you rather use a disc plough? We are able to supply you one as well!

With the rotary harrow and power harrow series of the Italian companies Remac and Sicma, Amatrex provides you with a machine to work excellently, even under the most difficult conditions. Robust and easy to maintain, these (power) harrows allow an excellent soil and clod breaking and weed cutting.

The ridgers, inter-row and rotary cultivators of the Dutch company Amac are designed to light-till heavy soil with or without stones. These machines ensure a perfect breaking-up of clods and partially furrowed soil, ideal to make carrot, potato and other ridges.

Simon, the French company for bed formers, works close together with us in the field of vegetable bed preparation. Their machines combine a front rotor (cutter shaft) and one rear rotor made of a big cylinder, equipped with teeth revolving in the opposite direction to forward movement. This ensures a regular bed with fine soil at the top, a good drainage, controlled humidity, early sprouting, uniform growth and a high yield.