Mechanical Proseeder

A really professional seed-drill

This manual seeder has been specially designed for the seeding needs of the smallholder farmers. It has all the high quality features of a towed seeding machine - using its system of distribution based on a sloping aluminium plate. This is simple but accurate, versatile and sturdy. In the same way, the wheel configuration (front wheel perforated so as to prepare the seed-bed and smooth at the back for efficient rolling) as well as the very precise depth setting mechanism thanks to the hinged frame... make this a truly professional seed drill for anyone with small areas to seed!

The same seeding principele is used in a tractor towed version. With this is it possible to seed 2 till 8 lines in once, just add or leave seeding elements.

With one seeder unit it is possible to seed 40 different crops! Just change discs!