As you know, damaging crops while harvesting happens within a split second. That’s why we only work together with the suppliers of harvesting machinery who meet the quality standards needed for the right quality harvest.

For harvesting potatoes or onions by digging, you are on the right track with both Samon and Keulmac harvesting machines. The Samon potato harvester for 2 till 4 ridges takes out the potatoes and lays them back on the surface. After the drying period you can pick them up by hand or with their loading machine. With a similar system of Keulmac, you make the right choice to harvest your onions. Of course haulm topping before harvesting belongs to the possibilities with both suppliers.

The carrot lifting systems of the French company Simon are designed to lift carrots in a precise and accurate way. There are different models available, from a simple bag or crate/box harvester till a 4 row high-tech harvester to have the largest capacity!